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  Kylie   Minogue

Is Kylie having an affair with a maried man?

After Kylie split up with Olivier Martinez (see below) it is said that there is a new Darling in Kylie´s life.

Her "so-called new one" is called Alexander Dahm (photo left) and is a Chilean film director. Unfortunately he is married and his wife is eight months pregnant with their second child.


She is having a very close relationship with the Swedish fashion brand H&M. In mid May the Kylie Minogue's swimwear "H&M loves Kylie" line will be in the stores (see video below). The mostly very extravagant and sexy bikinis have silver and golden colors.  


Kylies H&M Swimwear collection 2007


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Split up: Olivier & Penelope Cruz

After splitting up with Olivier Martinez (photo left) he was spotted with the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. The "Mirror" informed us about their "hugs" at the Los Angeles Chateau Marmont Hotel.

During this period Olivier had to leave her alone. He had to go to Romania to shoot the his movie "Blood & Chocolate." Olivier was accused of being unfair with the Israelian model Sarai Givati, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Rodriguez and Salma Hayek.

After her first chemotherapy in Paris she has flown to the holiday home of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the South of French. Together with her (now ex-)friend the French actor Olivier Martinez she recovered from her first treatment. They also went sailing in Corsica.

Kylie loves France and she would love to buy a house near Paris.

Cancer defeated with vegetables, Olivier and Karl

Kylie is back! She underwent six months of chemotherapy in Paris. Due to this therapy she lost her hair. On her official webpage (kylie.com) Kylie presents herself overjoyed and with her new short hair look in her natural brown hair colour.

After Kylie was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer the singer was immediately operated in Melbourne. The doctor removed a cancerous lump from her breast and fortunately she is now on the road to complete recovery.

The pop star is on a diet to help to rebuild the body and boost the immune system after chemotherapy. Sources claim that the beautiful singer last lots of weight and that she only drinks special fruit- and vegetable cocktails.

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In England she is undergoing holistic treatment from a London based doctor who also treated Gwyneth Paltrow. Dr. Nishi Joshi treats his patients from acupuncture and cupping. Other celebrity clients include Cate Blanchett and Kate Moss. In November 2005 Kylie promised her fans to go "on Tour" at the end of 2006.

Since the eighties the humming pop star Kylie Minogue (born: 1968) has had long hair. After her chemotherapy Kylie lost all of her hair. Now, even if she still uses scarves, the Australian singer is often taking them off in private to reveal her new short, straight hair.

One of her friends stated she covered her baldness with headscarves or hats wherever she was going. She doesn't like wigs at all.


The forbidden television Dessous commercial:

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Her career started at age eleven when she had her first professional role in the Australian television series "Skyways".

At the moment the fragile Australian has become one of the most successful, most admired and most photographed worldwide pop stars of the last twenty years.

Also Kylie's sister Dannii (foto right) tried to become a recording artist. She did not succeed, mainly due to the success of her big sister.


Maxi-CD I believe"Ultimate Kylie" is the title of Kylie's new Greatest Hits album. On the album (two CD's) you can also hear, besides the more well known hits, the duet "Kids" with Robbie Williams and the Songs "I Believe In You" and "Giving You Up."


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World Tour

Her spectacular "Showgirl Tour - The greatest hits tour" has already been played in Europe. Due to her illness she had to postpone her other concerts in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

On the photo on the right she is wearing a dance outfit especially designed for her. It has been designed by the famous English corset designer Mr. Pearl, who also designed Victoria Beckham's wedding dress in 1999.

The concert platform (worth £ 1 million) has been influenced by the Art Deco style and Kylie's other costumes are designed by Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Julien McDonald. The designers were inspired by dancers of the Paris Moulin Rouge and the Las Vegas Showgirls.