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Leonardo  diCaprio

Addiction to models

From 2001 until the end of 2005 "Leo" only had one big love: Gisele Bündchen. Afterwards the Titanic Star and Lindsay Lohan have been secretly dating for three months.

With her brown hair and denies that she has breast implants she is not only optically the opposite of his ex Brasilian supermodel.

At the moment Leo has a thing for models - the 20-year-old long haired Israeli catwalker Bar Rafaeli (photo above).

Leo´s brave and trendy hair style

Dreamlover Leonardo DiCaprio (born: 1974) had to say goodbey to his long hair and beard in order to play the leading part in the new Hollywood film "Aviator" of Martin Scorsese. He is portraying Howard Hughes and the blonde "No Doubt" singer Gwen Stefani (photo left) plays the character of sex symbol Jean harlow.

Aviator was nominated with 11 Oscars. The film is based on the life of the American Miljardair Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his two passions: Airplanes and women.

The final winning Oscar nominees were rather disappointing - besides four Oscars (for costume design, cinematography, art direction and film editing), Kate Blanchett won an Oscar for being the best actress in a supporting role.

Bottle attack

Leo was attacked by a woman at a Hollywood party with a beer bottle. Due to the accident he was taken to the hospital where he had twelve stitches. According Ken Sunshine's (Dicaprio's publicist) statement the woman was looking for a former boyfriend whom she had apparently physically assaulted on prior occasions. She had repeatedly been asked to leave the property.

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