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  Mariah  Carey

Weight battle:   "Big" leading role for Mariah

Actually her pop collegue Janet Jackson (40, photo left) would play a Southern waitress in the new Hollywood movie "Tenessee." She already gained 60 pounds for the movie role. She says she had to pass due to filming schedules that interfered with her new album.

Mariah Carey (36) had more potential for the "big" role. In the end she is playing the waitress who travels with her two brothers to find their lost father. On the 22nd of July Mariah starts her "Adventures of Mimi" Tour in Tunisia, in September she will be touring in the USA

After her fans' Christmas bonus of "Don't Forget About Us" Mariah Carey (35) went on holiday. With whom? Obviously with her new friend and her music manager Mark Sudack. At the French West indies island of Saint Barthelemy the R&B singer was having a good time >>> see bikini photos

Mark's predecessor and Mariah's ex husband (1993 - 1996), Tommy Mottola (at that time working as a Columbia Records executive) helped her on her way to become a professional star.

7500 Dollars a day just for hair style and cosmetics

For many women it might sound crazy but for the Soul Diva it's quite normal to spend that kind of money on hair & beauty stylists.

If she forgets one of her outfits she lets a private jet fly in and when she goes shopping the editor of the American VOGUE is guiding her.

Since May, 2006 Mariah Carey saves time when she goes to the Beauty Salon. She has set up a hair salon in her New York residence. She can experiment new hair styles for her upcoming Tour ( Photo right: Mariah at the Oscars).


Money & CD's

The 35-year-old is not just very thrifty: In only two years the compensation of 50 million Dollar, that the lable Virgin Records had to pay her, was completely spent. Just like super star Michael Jackson, the "golden voice" also has money problems.

So far the most sold white female artist and her 16th single is shortly being ousted by the current world record-holders (Beatles & Elvis Presley).

After her last album "The Emancipation Of Mimi" (cover left) with her single "It's Like that" her brand new CD "We Belong Together" will be produced.

The song has everything that made Mariah successful: Good lyrics and her exceptional voice with an outstanding 8 octave range. The video is great as well: She is running away for her own wedding to be happy with her one and true love.



Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970 in Long Island (New York). Her Irish mother, Patricia Carey, is a former opera singer and her father Alfred Carey is an aeronautical engineer from Venezuela. Mariah is the youngest child of three. Due to being a multiethnic family they endured racial hostility. When Mariah was three years old her parents divorced. Her mother Patricia had to take care of the children on her own.

Mariah used to job as a demo singer for local recording studios. After moving to New York Mariah started out as a background singer for Brenda K Starr. In 1988 Brenda gave the Columbia Records executive Thomas Mottola Mariah's demo tape. He inmediately signed her to a recording contract. In 1990 the first album "Mariah Carey" was released. It sold more than 19 million copies worldwide.

The Golden Voice is famous for her five-octave vocal range and her ability to sing in the "whistle register" (the highest register a of the human voice). She is also well-known for her "belt voice." Just like Patti Labelle she is also able to change vowels from one key to another which only few people are capable of.

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