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Marilyn  Monroe

The as Norma Jeane Baker born Marilyn Monroe (artist name) was the most celebrated of all actresses and became a worldwide sex symbol. The former popular pin up girl and her platina blonde hair became a "sexy blondine" and her look was copied by million of women.

At the moment two time Oscar winner Tom Hanks ("Forrest Gump" and "Cast away") is about to make a movie about her life. It is said that the blonde South African one time Oscar winner Charlize Theron ("Monster") has been nominated for the leading role.

Right now blondes are not privileged at all (see trends - in & out). For sure this trend will come back someday - real classic looks keep coming back...

In the early years of the forties she used to have brunet locks.

At the end of the fifties she changed her look with the legendary shades of dyed blonde hair, just like every other Hollywood diva at that time.

Her blonde hair became her trademark.

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Leading roles in which she always played the naive, men killing beauty followed ("Niagara", "Gentlemen prefer blondes", "How to marry a Millionaire").

Curious: Due to her success and the blonde hair hype lots of women became very envious.

Marylin MonroeIn America red and dark haired women organized public demonstrations to demonstrate against the "discrimination of the non blondes" (photo right).



Book tip: "Blonde"

In "blonde" the writer Joyce Carol Oates examines the inner, spiritual life of Marilyn Monroe.

As Oates' writes: "Her problem wasn't she was a dumb blonde, it was she wasn't a blonde and she wasn't dumb." There is an increasing disconnect between the image she projects and "the eager hopeful young girl who was Norma Jeane."

The final end

Marilyn suffered a lot during her turbulent childhood (foster homes) and the pressure of her successful life led to psychiatrical break downs and depressions.

Time after time she was dependent on alcohol and drugs, she suffered two miscarriages and she was hospitalized several times for depressions. Numerous affairs (also during her marriage) caused her divorces. In 1962 Marylin Monroe died. She killed herself with an overdose of sleeping pills.

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