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  " Hairy"   News :  Michael  Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (1958) is the second youngest brother of ten children. His parents are Joseph Jackson (born 1929) and Katherine Jackson (born 1930).

At the age of five he already joined his older brothers Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Randy in The Jackson five. The other Jackson sisters are called Rebbie, Jackie, Jermaine, LaToya and Janet Jackson (born 1966).

Metamorphosis video: The famous Jackson transformation

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Jacko going Moslumes: Moving to the Persian Gulf

In 2005 Jackson made Bahrain his legal residence. He bought a new "Neverland Valley Ranch" (see below). His old friend and sheik Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa gave him a very special valuable silk tapestry as a house warming present (photo left).

Jacko loves the dress code of the Arabian women. He has been spotted in a black robe with a veil (photo above right: Jacko with his child shopping in Bahrain). His children also have to wear the traditional veil.



In 1982 Jackson recorded the best-selling album of all-time " Thriller." He sold more than 59 million copies worldwide. In this period "The King of Pop's" appearance radically changed.

His skin had become paler (alleged skin bleaching), his nose had become smaller due to multiple nasal surgeries and his hair was straight, black and down to his shoulders just like a wig (see video above).




"Hairy" Jackson parody

The rapper Eminem attacked Michael Jackson in his video "Just Lose It." Eminem dressed as Jackson runs to the toilet to extinguish his hair that caught fire. Later his nose falls off on the dancefloor. At the end Eminem is sitting on a bed with boys dancing around him. The rapper is joking about Michael's Pepsi ad incident - in 1984 the singer's hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi ad. He is also referring to Michael Jackson's molestation charges and his apparent plastic surgery.

Lack of proceeds

Michael Jackson's estimated total income is about USD 500 million. He earned it with selling his music, merchandising and performing his concerts. It is said that he spent lots of money and that he is on the verge of bankruptcy. Jacko used to spend USD 30 million per year more than he earned. It is said he had debts of several million Dollar.

Alleged Alligations?

Nowadays "Jacko" is hardly to be recognised and he has poor album sales. The exentric Pop Star had to go through a lot in his personal life:

He was accused of child abuse for the first time in 1993. The parents of the 14-year old Jordan Chandler filed a complaint. Jackson settled the boy's civil lawsuit with the payment of an undisclosed amount (between USD 2 and 50 million).

Shortly after Michael became a father of three children called Prince Michael Jackson Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael II.

Im November 2003 District Atterney Tom Sneddon of Santa Barbara County booked him on suspicion of child milestation.

At the same time the police were looking for evidence in his luxurious Neverland Valley Ranch in California (2700 acres). Jackson posted USD 3 million bail.

In March 2006 California state labor officials closed his ranche and fined him USD 69,000 for failure to provide employment insurance. Neverland employees have also sued Jackson for USD 306,000 in unpaid wages. He paid them by the deadline and he has closed his Californian Range.

Sensational verdict

After the trial Michael Jackson (46) is leaving court a free man after being acquitted of all charges. Releaved and with a white, drawn face his nightmare is over. He would have faced a possible 20-years sentence if he had been convicted of all charges.

"Jacko" returned to Neverland without any comment. Does a winner look like this? After numerous breakdowns and hospitalisation the "King of Pop" looked exhausted.

His supporters were cheering and waving signs. After the surprising verdict lots of people protested outside the court.

The Jackson trial was entirely based on testimonies and and witness behaviour before the court.

Michael Jackson alleged child molestation trial 2005

In January 2004 started the Michael Jackson trial. In a (1 hour 40-minutes) documentary titled "Living with Michael Jackson" Jackson admitted sharing his bed with children. He stated that several young children, especially pre-adolescent boys have slept in the same bed as him, but he denies having had sex with any of them.

He is also accused of the fact that two New Yersey children were served alcohol during their stay at the ranch.

In February 2005 he became ill on his way to the courthouse and was admitted with a "flu-like-illness." Another day he arrived late in court due to the fact that he was in a nearby hospital with a serious back problem. The judge gave him an hour to appear or face jail and the loss of his £1.6 million bail bond. He arrived in courts wearing his pyjama bottoms and slippers. American star hairdressers commented that Jacko had worn a wig as he came out of the hospital. His hair was too perfect and it did not move naturally in the wind.

Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts in his trial on child molestation. The trial of the century lasted four months and ended in June 2005 when Michael Jackson was cleared of all charges.