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ReesE  Witherspoon


Oscar couple?

After seven years of marriage Reese the couple decided in October 2006 to seperate. Maybe there is room for another actor in her, and her two children's, life.

In a Januar issue of the American magazin "In Touch" Reese and George Clooney were spotted dining at "Casa Vega" (Sherman Oaks) on January 14, 2006. Maybe we will see them walking the red carpet together at the next Oscar's.

Lately animal lover Georgie has been spotted dining with other attractive women >>> more

Video-Hommage an Reese Witherspoon

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Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon is now working as a pizza delivery girl in London. She spent time with a real delivery boy to prepare herself for her new supporting role as a pizza delivery driver concealing her blonde locks by a motorcycle helmet (see photo above). Many customers were supprised to have their pizza delivered by a 5' 2" small "natural blonde" Star (see below). She flew in the U.K. for her supporting role in her new movie "Penelope."

Oscar winner

Movie: Walk the line.In 2006 Reese accepted the most important film industry award, the Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role in Los Angeles. That night she wore her 1953 Christian DIOR vintage gown. She has already won two Golden Globes.

She got the Oscar for playing the role of country singer June Carter in "Walk the Line." The movie is a biography of the American country singer Johnny Cash who died in 2003. The title is one of Cash's best known songs.

In the music drama the brunette Reese (scene photo above) plays the role of the lover and wife of the charismatic singer Joaquin Phoenix (photo below). For the film she actually had to take voice lessons and did the actual singing.

Joaquin Phoenix. After winning an Oscar Reese Witherspoon is one of the whealtiest woman in Hollywood. For her new leading role int the horror movie "Our family in trouble" it is said that she earns USD 29 million (Julia Roberts only earned USD 24 million for playing her role in the movie "Mona Lisa smile").



Personal life

The American actress was born on March 22, 1976 in New Orleans in the USA. Her father is a surgeon and her mother a nurse and college professor. At the age of 7 she started to model and to act in local commercials. After graduating she attented Stanford University as a literature major. After a year she left Stanford to pursue her acting career.

In 1999 she married the actor Ryan Phillippe who she met at her 21st birthday party. They have two children: Daughter Ava Elizabeth Phillippe (born 1999) and son Deacon Phillippe (born 2003). The Witherspoons are living in Los Angeles.

Legally blonde "1 and 2 "

In both episodes of "Legally blonde" she is playing the role of the spoilt law student Elle Woods who is attending Harvard Law School.

Elle gives up her fashing designer major and follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard and became an a-typical law student. Her glamorous lifestyle and fashion style doesn't make her look like a lawyer. The centre of her University life is her pet Chihuahua, parties, prominents, the beauty salon and her endless search for a good hairconditioner that gives her even more long smooth hair.


Elle is having a great life (she performed in a Ricky Martin video!) and her boyfriend Warner (Matthew Davis) ditches her simply because she is "too blonde" she does anything to get him back. Even if that means going to law school.

The key hair stylist Joy Zapata created several stylings (barbie locks and smooth blonde highlights) for her role in "legally blonde." Hairstylist Zapata says about her client's hair: "... Fortunately Reese has also thick, beautiful blonde hair like Elle. Hair plays a very important role. Reese came to me in the trailer as Reese and I gave her the Pamela Anderson, Gianni Versace, Beverly Hills hairstyle and then she went out as Elle..."  (Source: DVD.de)

In the second episode of "Legally Blonde 2" she turned Harvard Law School graduate. Elle heads for Washington D.C. for an animal-rights case for which she even puts her marriage on hold.

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