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Robbie  Williams



In October 2006 Robbie Williams released his last album called "Rudebox." This album is very influenced by hip hop, soul, acid house and classic pop music. For this album he worked together with the Pet Shop Boys, William Orbit and Joey Negro.

Robbie completely changed his style of music and recorded an album that is totally different from his former ones. Wheter you like it or you don't, that's up to you!


"Unite for children, Unite against Aids" Campaign

Together with other famous stars (like Whoopi Goldberg, Claudia Schiffer and David Beckham) Robbie Williams wants to draw the world's attention on millions of HIV - aids affected children.

Every minute of every day, one child dies and four children lose a parent because of AIDS-related illness. Children have become the missing face of AIDS - their story just isn't being heard.

Together with other major celebreties he is making his statement in a video message that is shown at his concerts.


Video: Robbie with Wig

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"Back for good?"
Comeback without Robbie

Recently Robbies former band " Take That" started their Comeback Tour with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange. They played their big 90's hits like "Babe," "Everything Changes But You" and "Back for Good." In 2006 Take That toured around the UK.

Robbie agreed to join one of their performances in Manchester but in the end did not join his bandmates. It would have been the first gig of Robbie and his former bandmates.



Robbie with "Elvis quiff"

Robbie Williams' video for his song Advertising Space is a tribute to one of his heroes of the fifties Elvis Presley.

In his video he dressed up like Elvis and wore his "King of Rock´n Roll" quiff.


Womanizer Robbie Williams

Robbie (born1974) created an image of being a womanizer. Maybe that's the reason that he is still single and lives in Los Angeles. After his three-year relationship with Jaqui Hamilton-Smith he started an affair with All Saints' singer Nicole Appleton in 1998. In 2001 he had a thing with ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and in 2002 he had an affair with Rod Stewart's ex-wife and model Rachel Hunter.

Naomi Campbell's former PA Rebecca White confirms that Robbie Williams and Super Model Naomi Campbell (photo left) had a secret year-long affair in 2001. At this time Naomi oficially dated Heide Klum's ex-boyfriend Formula One boss Flavio Briatore.

And the never ending list continues - daily the media reports allegedly affairs with Jimmy Shoo shoes president Tamara Mellon (photo right), a nameless Berlin Law student, the blonde Christiane, the dark haired Shermine, nude model Simone Huffer, Tara Tomkinson, Coralie Robinson and, and, and, and..

Besides that there are also the French kisses with female fans plucked from the audience during his performances....

"Intensive (Hair) Care"

The English Singer recorded his intensive care album together with his new song writer Stephen Duffy (ex-Duran Duran member) in his house in Los Angeles.

The intensive care album gives us the impression that Robbie Williams was inspired by former songs sang by Pop Icon David Bowie. The single "Tripping" is more reggae/ ska orientated.



Robbie's "Hairstyle Spy"

Robbie's devoted hair style idol is David Beckham.

In one of the chapters of his published biography "Feel" he confesses that he contracted some people with only one task: to tell him every detail about Beckham's (new) hair style(s).

At the moment Robert Peter Maximilian Williams is wearing his hair "normal" length.


Note: The accused from heroin use Kate Moss got support by Robbie who is accusing the media of hypocrisy. He said: "I have personally taken cocaine with the people who aree now writing these stories" (source: TimesOnline).

Robbie helps Africa

1974Bob Geldof (initiator "Live aid") convinced Robbie to sing at the charity event "Live 8". Together with U2, Madonna, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd he performed for free.

Other Live 8 concerts took place in Paris (Castle of Versailles), Rome (Le Cirque Maximus), Philadelphia (Museum of art) and in Barrie (Park Place). Besides that Bob also planned concerts in Johannesburg, Tokio and Toronto.

The concerts should raise awareness of global poverty and pressure the G8, the world's wealthiest countries, to contribute resources to end poverty.

Robbie might be following up "Freddie"

Robbie Williams might follow in the deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury's footsteps (photo right). The actual Queen's drummer and co-founder of the successful quartet Roger Taylor wants to convince Robbie to be the band's new lead singer.

Wether Robbie will have to grow his hair, just like Freddie, is still unknown.



Robbie gets "Smart"

Robbie, who does not have a driving licence, is playing himself in the commercial television spot for the brand new four-door small car of Mercedes (smart forfour).

The campaign's slogan: "Your life is exciting. Shouldn't your car be exciting too?"

Robbie's comment: "I just love the smart brand and its cool products. I think the events that have been planned are exciting, and the new smart forfour is – like all smart models – a wicked car which people will love at first sight."