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Welcome back - Shakira on tour 2007

After she flew in from a concert in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spane) Shakira sang for the final her world cup song "My hips don´t lie" (In Spanish "las caderas no mienten") together with ex Fugees Wyclef Jean.

The World Cup is the most watch event globally. More than 1.5 billion people tuned in to watch Shakira shake her hips at Berlin's Olympic stadium. With the performance of the slim singer (see video below) Columbia still "played" in the final (see video below).

The good mood song already existed on the "Dirty Dancing II" soundtrack ("Dance Like This") together with Wyclef Jean and Claudette Ortiz.

Video 1: Shakiras Live- at the football World cup 2006 - to start click play (>)

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Video 2: An extraordinary version of "Hips don´t lie"

In 2003 the fragile Columbian singer with her long, blonde hair became an international Super Star with her first English-language album "Laundry Service".

Partly due to the Columbian bombshell's fabulous voice and her charisma she sold more than three million CD's.

Her stylist is Gilberto Febles.
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Shakira has just made a glorious comeback and is supported by the Spanish Star Alejandro Sanz. Together with him she sings her new Spanish song "La Tortura." The video of the song is also very spectacular.

The South American girl lives and recorded her new album in her own studio in the Bahamas. The title of her double CD is "Fijacion oral" (oral fixation). First it was recorded in Spanish and afterwards in English.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (her first name Shakira is Arabic for "Woman full of grace") is the daughter of a Columbian mother and a Lebanese father whose Arabic background greatly influenced his daughter's movements.

During her childhood her 18-year-old brother died in an accident. He was riding a motorcycle and a drunk man hit him with his car.

The originally black haired singer started her career at very young age. At the age of only four she started practising belly dancing and when she was thirteen she presented herself and sang a few songs for the Sony manager in her hometown Barranquilla (Columbia).

The Japanese music company contracted Shakira and released her debut album "Magia" (magic). From then on her career soared.

Photo above: Shakira's rastas (1998)



Personal life

Recently she moved from Florida to the Bahamas with her Argentinian boyfriend Antonio de le Rua.

Due to the hassle she and Antonio endure from paparazzi they are trying to find some peace there.

Antonio is also a kind of "well known figure ": He is the son of the former Argentine President de la Rua.