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Sienna  Miller

Jeans model with short hair

CasanovaAfter her debut in the role of the alluring Venetian beauty Francesca Bruni in the historical remake of "Casanova," the American actress (born 1981) changed her movie costumes for more comfortable fashion.

Since April 2006 she is working for the Spanish company "Pepe Jeans." The "Boho Style Icon" did some commercials for Coca Cola, Italian Vogue and Prada. She was also the model for the 2003 Pirelli calendar.

Click here for some new photos of Sienna with her two dogs Porgy and Bess 


Since 2004 Sienna has been together with her movie collegue Jude Law (photo right). In December 2006 she split with her own unfaithful Casanova Law because of cheating "rumors."

Lately they both have been spotted again together and went on holiday in the South of France. photo >>>




After Casanova the actress had to cut her long hair. The reason was her new leading part in her last movie «Factory Girl», in which she played Andy Warhol's (short haired) muse Edie Sedgwick.

Though the haircut change didn't bother Sienna: "I am looking forward to cut off my hair so that I will even look more like"... more pictures of Sienna with short hair

In real life she will only have her hair styled by one star hairdresser and short hair expert Ben Cooke. He has his own Salon in Chelsea and... more