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POSH gives up her BOB

Besides new fashion at the New York Fashion Week Victoria Beckham showed up with a completely different short spikey hairstyle. This time Ben Cooke did not change her image! She went to the New York hair stylist Garren (photo right), who styles celebrities like Courney Love, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Nicole Kidman. He styles hair of many models, like Naomi, Cindy Crawford, Giselle Bündchen and Kate Moss, and is very popular in the fashion scene.

Homepage: garrennewyork.com/

It seams like t he former Spice Girl and most famous football players' wife worldwide and Football Star David Beckham share the same hair dye and hair stylist. Together with her husband the Spicey Girl died her brunette Bob into a white blonde color. She actually didnt have to because she would have got the same result in her new Californian home for free.

Their neighbours are Hollywood Star and Scientology member Tom Cruise, who is hoping that the next door couple of the island will also be interested in scientology. Maybe they will also send their three children in the scientology school.

New Hair Style

The former Spice Girl and the most famous football players' wife worldwide (Football Star David Beckham) got fed up with her long hair. Everybody is speculating about the reason why she changed her look.

It is said that she needed the new Hair Style for a Fashion Show or that she hates everebody copying her long hair style. On top of that there are some Hair Professionals claiming she has bald spots in her hair and that's the reason the poor English girl cannot have long hair anymore..

Fact is that her London Star Hairdresser Ben Cooke cut her a "Pob" (Bob). He commented: "She just wanted to have a new look." Her positive facial features and her excellent oval face shape is just perfect for a Bob. A haircut like this will cost you about 320 Euro, including blow drying.

Scroll over the picture to see the back of the Bob >>>

Leading role in Cruise Movie


Victoria wants to be a Hollywood Star. Scientology member Tom Cruise offered the former singer a part in his new Scientology film, called "The Thetan." She is offered to play the role of the wife of an alien leader in The Thetan, but it is still not officially confirmed if she is actually going to play it or not.




After giving birth to three boys called Brooklyn (born 1999), Romeo (born 2002, photo right) and Cruz (born 2005) the former Spice Girl is desperate to have a baby girl. Elton John is the godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo and Liz Hurley is the godmother.

She has already a name for her future daughter: "Luna" (Spanish for moon). The unusual name reminds us of Beckham's famous penalty at the World Championship 2002 - indeed he kicked the ball direction "moon."

In 1999 Victoria married and has been in the media ever since. Before the World Cup VIctoria hosted a big party and welcomed 400 guests to raise money for Unicef (video). Jeweller Jacob and Co donated a pair of diamond his and hers watches worth £600.000 and a £1,000,000 diamond necklace.

Also one of David's limited edition car Bentley worth £300,000 was auctioned. Among the guests were stars like pop icone Elton John and Liz Hurley. Music celebrity Robbie Williams and soul legend James Brown entertained the guests.

Victoria also wrote her autobiography called "Learning to fly" and she recently (October 2006) punblished her second book "That Extra Half an Inch - Hair, heels and everything in between" - her personal fashion, beauty and style book. Her publisher has already offered Victoria (born 1974) more than USD 14 million to write her second autobiography.

Untill now she has been refusing because she is afraid that the only interests in her writing her second biography is details of the alleged affairs of her "sportly" husband.

Music: After flops like "Not Such An Innocent Girl" (2001) in 2003 the problably last CD called "Let Your Head Go/This Groove."

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