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Hairdressers appointment tips

It is very important to visit your hairdresser as you are. Hairstyling, make-up and fashion should be as normal. Even the pair of glasses that you normally wear should be put on so the hairdresser can take it into account when cutting/ creating a new hairstyle for you.
Before the hairdresser starts cutting, you should always talk about which haircut, length and colour you want. If he/ she starts cutting and is not doing what you had agreed, always let him/ her know.

Ask your hairdresser what styling techniques and products are being used so you can achieve the same look at home. If you visit the salon for the first time, take it slowly. It might be better just to have your hair trimmed and styled first. If you feel good about the result and the way he/she works, you can have your hair restyled the next time.

If you want to change your hair style it is also very useful to take a look at HairWeb Gallery Hair Styles or at our Stars & Celebrities Hair Styles. The many pictures of different hair styles can be shown to your hairdresser (if possible) "online" or you can print them out.

Another tip: If you had a major hair style change don't feel insecure directly after your hairdressers' visit. You will probably need a couple of days to get used to your new look.

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